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patient watches wild dolphins in virtual reality during medical procedure

The Wall Street Journal on Medical VR and virtually swimming with Wild Dolphins

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We are delighted to share this article published in the Wall Street Journal on the exciting possibilities of Virtual Reality within healthcare. And of course we’re proud that the VR experience of the Dolphin Swim Club is featured, and with a short demo on the online version all readers get to meet the wild dolphins! As well as a video of a young patient experiencing dolphin magic to help ease the pain.

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The Dolphin Swim Club featured in an article on medical VR in leading Dutch newspaper NRC

Featured in the NRC, a leading Dutch newspaper: Swimming with dolphins in the hospital to relieve pain

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VR nowadays gets used more often for medical purposes. An example of one of these uses is to relieve pain. Due to the immersive power of virtual reality, patients may experience less pain. This may cause less use of medication and thus improve patient well-being. And of course, a drug-free medicine has no environmental impact! Which is great news for our Wild Dolphin friends. We are excited that NRC once again mentioned us in this article about the use of VR in the medical world.

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Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford Pioneers Use of VR for Patient Care, Education and Experience

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We are very pleased to share this update as the Dolphin Swim Club 360°VR movie is used in this particular pilot study.  Lauren Schneider, PsyD, clinical assistant professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, is exploring the impact of VR therapy in a study called: Project Brave Heart . A Wonderful project and great to see this research getting shared by multiple platforms. The full articles can be seen on the links below.

Stanford Children's Health Business Wire  Virtual Reality Magazine



VIDEO: UMCG starts with medicalVR: ‘Swimming with Wild Dolphins’

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Swimming with wild dolphins as a therapy for patients with for example autism or depression. Not in real life with captive dolphins, with all the suffering that means for dolphins, but in Virtual Reality. The idea comes from the artist Marijke Sjollema from Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The filming of the wild dolphins took place in Egypt. University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) embraced the project immediately. The hospital starts with a study of the effects of this drug free medicine.

Zwemmen met dolfijnen als therapie voor patiënten met autisme en depressie. Niet in het echt, maar met een film die ze kunnen zien met een speciale virtual-reality-bril. Het idee komt van de Leeuwarder kunstenares Marijke Sjollema. De film is gedraaid in Egypte. Ziekenhuis Academisch Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG) was meteen enthousiast. Het ziekenhuis begint met een onderzoek naar de uitwerking van de therapie bij autisten en mensen met PDD-NOS.

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Belangstelling UMCG foar virtual reality-projekt Ljouwerter

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It sikehûs UMCG yn Grins toant belangstelling foar it virtual reality projekt fan de Ljouwerter keunster Marijke Sjollema. Sy hat in programma ûntwikkele, wêrtroch’t it mooglik is om firtueel mei dolfinen te swimmen. It keunstprojekt hat ek in wittenskiplike ynslach. It swimmen mei dolfinen soe nammentlik brûkt wurde kinne as foarm fan terapy, benammen by autisme en depresje. Troch it programma fan Sjollema, liket it oft swimme de pasjinten mei de dolfinen en dat moat in posityf effekt opsmite by de behanneling.

It UMGC sil de kommende twa jier ûndersyk dwaan nei de wurking fan it programma.

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Eigen zee: virtueel zwemmen met wilde dolfijnen

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Zwemmen met wilde dolfijnen. Bij veel mensen staat het bovenaan het verlanglijstje. Met een in Friesland ontwikkelde virtual realitybril kan iedereen dat nu. Bovendien helpt het wetenschappelijk onderzoek te bekostigen.  

Door Karin de Mik

Overal zie je tuimelende dolfijnen voor je ogen verschijnen. Je draait je hoofd naar boven en beneden, naar links en rechts. En dolfijnen schieten voorbij. Het kan dankzij een recent ontwikkelde speciale virtual realitybril.

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