the DolphinSwimClub 360°VR Goggles



Product Description


Ready to dive with the wild dolphins?

With these 360°VR Goggles you can, in combination with headphones and your smartphone. In these 3 steps you’re ready for under water;

1| Fold and assemble your special designed Dolphin Swim Club 360° VR Goggles, the instructions will follow with the product.

2a| For Android users: Start the preview (on this site) and click on the VR goggles symbol. This doubles the film on the screen, one for your left and right eye. If this doesn’t work on your model, continue with the next step.

2b| For Apple users, and Android users whose model doesn’t support the above: Download the free app Viemr: version for Apple/ version for Android. If you open the app you will find the Dolphin Swim Club preview on top. Play and click on the VR-icon. The film is now ready for your 360°VR-Goggles.

3| Place your smartphone in the goggles, put on your headphones and Enjoy! We ship them to you anywhere in the world.

With the purchase of the Dolphin Swim Club 360° VR Goggles you not only have your own magical experience, you are also spreading the joy by supporting the project!