“From ghost net to VR Goggles”.

We all know by now that ghost nets (discarded fishing nets, just floating or lying around) and other oceanic plastic pollution is a huge problem for all life in the sea. The thing is; “There’s no planet B”.

So we thought: “Let’s recycle ocean plastic into VR goggles!”

This way you can swim with the dolphins and clean up the ocean in the meantime.

Getting together to create a cleaner, safer home for not only our beloved cetaceans, but all ocean life. For this we teamed up with the Seal Rescue Centre Pieterburen in the Netherlands. We will be using ghost nets retrieved from the waters and beaches of the nearby Wadden Sea. And yes we also did film the seals in 360° VR, and yes they are extremely cute! ~Despite that however they are top predators, and do have some serious teeth. So through 360° VR you soon will have an unique chance to safely get close and personal with seal pups in recovery at the centre. We’ll keep you posted!

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“We should recycle ocean plastic into virtual reality goggles in order
to clean up the oceans and spread a great message
at the same time”.


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