Transparency (ANBI)

Name of the organisation
Stichting VR Planet Earth Foundation

RSIN Number | Number Chamber of Commerce
Tax Identity (RSIN) Number: 860199307
Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Number: 75232103

Internet Address

Nelson Mandelaplein 50A
8917 GD Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Telephone number
Marijke Sjollema: +31 (0)6 23 16 96 03
Benno Brada: +31 (0)6 29 26 39 05


The mission of the Dolphin Swim Club is to enable people to

encounter one of ocean’s most enchanting creatures, the wild dolphin
through virtual reality. 

This footage will be accessible to anyone on the planet, whether it’s for fun,
meditation or healthcare purposes such as reducing pain and anxiety.

As well as getting the message out that it’s more fun to swim
with wild dolphins this way than to see them in captivity.

Board Members
 Marijke Sjollema – Chairman – April 2019
Skip Rizzo – Scientific Advisor – April 2019
 Barbara de Beukelaar – Board Member – April 2019
Anke de Jong – Board Member – April 2019
Ian Graham – Advisor – April 2019
Evelyn van Leur – Slager – Treasurer – April 2019
Ineke Vilé – Board Member – April 2019

We operate within science, healthcare, technology and animal welfare.

We provide
A clinically validated drug-free VR medicine to patients or healthcare organisations, in order to reduce pain or anxiety and enhance Joy. 

An animal-friendly alternative for so-called dolphin-assisted therapies involving captive dolphins.

Underwater VR Goggles, in order to experience virtual wild dolphins in real water, to reduce pain and anxiety and enhance joy within aqua therapy, dolphin-assisted therapy and revalidation.  

Raising awareness by creating our Waterproof VR goggles out of ocean waste plastics, and ghost nets.