Wild Dolphin Underwater VR

“Wild Dolphin Waterproof VR”.

During the VR Days Europe 2017 the Dolphin Swim Club launched the prototype of their newly developed Waterproof VR Goggles. We thought it would be fantastic to swim in (real) water, with (virtual) dolphins, experiencing (real) therapeutic effects. By adding the dolphins own element, water, we are able to incorporate the ease of movement, the calming floating, and the sense of the skin. Truly a VR experience with a  double meaning to immersion, it adds a sense of adventure to be present in the serene world of the wild dolphins.

Besides all this being enjoyable for everyone, research from Dutch handicapped expertise center, ‘s Heeren Loo, an organization which provides care to 10.000 people with mental disabilities, shows that four out of five clients shows a significant lowering in stress levels after experiencing the 360°VR wild dolphin content.The center has started the use of the waterproof VR and are looking into all the possibilities. The fact that one very naturally starts to swim or move along with the (virtual) dolphins, could provide a sense of ease, fun and adventure to many forms of aqua therapy. For example with burning wound patients.

The promising therapeutic use of VR and presence that creates a double-meaning for immersion also has the added advantage of not requiring the use of captive animals.

For the dolphin’s sake, (and all other sea-life) next step is to produce the final version out of recycled ghost nets. The prototype is mainly 3D printed in recycled material. For the development so far we received a grant from the Dutch government (SNN). And the generous aid in time and expertise of Ype Brada (Senior Developer Philips). For the next step we are looking into cooperation and investment.


Turning Ghost Nets into VR Goggles

“From ghost net to waterproof VR Goggles”.

We all know by now that ghost nets (discarded fishing nets, just floating or lying around) and other oceanic plastic pollution is a huge problem for all life in the sea. The thing is; “There’s no planet B”.

So we thought: “Let’s recycle ocean plastic into VR goggles!” Better still, let’s make Waterproof VR .

This way you can swim in (real) water with (virtual) dolphins and clean up the ocean in the meantime.

Getting together to create a cleaner, safer home for not only our beloved cetaceans, but all ocean life. For this we teamed up with the Seal Rescue Centre Pieterburen in the Netherlands. We will be using ghost nets retrieved from the waters and beaches of the nearby Wadden Sea. And yes we also did film the seals in 360° VR, and yes they are extremely cute! Get kissed by a seal, without the fishy breath. Of course they are top-predators and have some serious teeth as well. So through 360° VR you will have an unique chance to safely get close and personal with seal pups in recovery at the centre. We’ll keep you posted!


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From Ghostnets to Waterproof VR Goggles


“We should recycle ocean plastic into WaterproofVR goggles in order
to clean up the oceans and spread a great fun & therapeutic experience
at the same time”.


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