Orca's in Norwegian Fjord

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We are an non profit organisation. Our mission is to let people everywhere experience swimming with wild dolphins in virtual reality. It’s has an enchanting and even therapeutic effect! That’s why over 150 hospitals & healthcare institutions worldwide are using our content. As well as research performed by 3 Universities, including Stanford, on it benefits. By using VR we ensure dolphins can live their lives happily in the wild. Did you know they live up to 3 times longer when swimming and playing in their free ocean home? We like to play, create and achieve goals by co-creation and social support. That is the dolphin way (and the reason why sharks fear dolphins, actually).

Would you like to join us in our mission? Join the ‘Embassy of the Cetacean ImagiNation’. (free after the famous poem by Heathcote Williams) Please contact us to become an ambassador! You can share your knowledge, thoughts, expertise and/or network. Or become a social media ambassador by sharing our content on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Please contact us at: contact@thedolphinswimclub.com.
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