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From doctors and researchers working with Virtual Reality to patients whose days have been brightened by the magic of our wild virtual dolphins, hear from our experts in the field about this new drug-free medicine.

Being sick isn't fun. I want to play with my friends, but often I have to stay at home. The Dolphin Swim Club made my dream, swimming with dolphins, come true. Now all my friends are jealous of me!

Isa RotaryIn collaboration with the Rotary

"I recently flew through the Amsterdam airport and experienced your amazing VR dolphin experience in the KLM Lounge. It was incredible. I am a worldwide scuba diver and photographer and I was so impressed. It was so real... like I was right there. Actually I was on the way home from a trip where I was diving with dolphins and your experience was better than my real dive."

Sean SkinnerDiver and wildlife photographer