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If only we could see each other through the eyes of a dolphin,
We could achieve world-peace within a generation.

White Bull

Wild Dolphin Virtual Reality

People experience a profound state of happiness, relaxation and playfulness when they encounter and listen to wild dolphins. We have created an experience where patients can swim with wild dolphins from the comfort of their own home, using only Virtual Reality goggles.

The possible applications of our Wild Dolphin VR are endless. For example, clinical studies have shown that Virtual Reality therapies can effectively distract patients who suffer from chronic or acute pain to the point where they experience up to 25% less pain.
Our relaxing Wild Dolphin VR content is used for the treatment of burn wounds and helps people curb the use of pain medication.

But our content is used for the treatment of anxiety and other psychological disorders as well.
Research carried out by handicapped expertise centre ‘sHeerenLoo shows an 82% significant improvement in stress levels after our Wild Dolphin VR therapy. Virtual Reality thus demonstrates a potential to redefine the approach to treating pain and anxiety in a clinical setting.
We collaborate with researchers, medical professionals and over 500 hospitals and healthcare institutions all over the world.