Sjollema | Founder & Creative Director

Sjollema is an artist who divides her time between her studios in the Netherlands, below sea level, and Sweden, at the seaside. Ever since she first encountered, by chance, a wild bottlenose dolphin in 1993, she has been enchanted. Resulting in a journey to meet and sometimes swim with free dolphins and whales all over the world.

‘Nothing has spoken more to my imagination than staring into the eye of a cetacean, there is a sense of a very soulful being good willingly looking back at you. There always seems to be this element of magic around whales and dolphins. In all these years I have seen many people being profoundly moved.

This is the experience we would like to share with you. For anyone who can’t be out there in the oceans (all the time) the amazing technology of VR will bring them home to you!  And better still, the dolphins stay in their own home, the free oceans of the world!’


Brada | Producer

Benno Brada has a long background in business consultancy (Nijenrode University, Harvard). He brings in all his expertise and energy to manage the Dolphin Swim Club. With his wife Marijke Sjollema he shares a profound love of cetaceans and he has accompanied her on many oceanic adventures.



We push quality, creativity and the WOW-factor to the next level in all forms of 360° video and Virtual Reality solutions. Since 2009 our highly experienced 360° production crew and developers strive for fruitful collaborations and have an insane passion for inspiring immersive experiences.

‘This project is very special to us. Instead of working mostly on commercial campaigns with high (but short) attention spans, our technique can really create added value to this project. We can truly enrich peoples lives, make them smile and contribute in the research of Virtual Reality technology in mental healthcare’


happy to hear from you!

Are you interested in one of the Dolphin Swim Club projects? Happy to hear from you!  | Benno Brada: +31 (0)6 29 26 39 05  | Marijke Sjollema:  +31 (0)6 23 16 96 03

In the neighborhood? In the winter you may find us at the Dutch ‘Club House’:  Nelson Mandela plein 50a | 8917 GD Leeuwarden. In the summer half of the year we are located at the Swedish ‘Headquarters’:  Lofta Kustväg 8 | 38791 Borgholm.

A Gratitude page for all our special sponsors and ‘back up’ team supporting the Dolphin Swim Club generously in many ways, by donating their time, talents, expertise and/or money! A thousand thanks!  (Hereby in complete and absolute random order)

The Egyptian Spinner- and Bottlenose Dolphins | Our most beloved movie stars Jagreeti, Selfi & Delfi | the 3 bottlenose dolphins venturing into the Baltic Sea in the summer and autumn of 2015, (read more in our blog).  The Seals | Pieterburen Seal Rescue Centre,  W.Bull |Main Adviser,  Ian Graham| Main Voice, Zutphen,  J. ben Joseph | Guided Meditation, Groningen   Printerette | Amsterdam,  Pien & Joep, Adri & Maaike Eleveld | Broek in Waterland,  Fam. van Weeren- Roeleveld | Heartcover, Zutphen,  Ype Brada | Waterproof VR Developer, Leeuwarden,  Gina Frans | Leeuwarden,  Dr. Wim Veling | UMCG, Groningen,  Ida van der Velde| Goutum,  Kasper Huizinga| Noordwolde,  Barbara de Beukelaar| Hekademos, Kortenhoef,  Denise Rivera| Singer & Voice, Leeuwarden,  Stephen Hutton | free-diver | filmmaker, Oslo,  Ahmed Hamza | free-diver | dive guide, Egypt,  Mohamed Ismail | free-diver | marine biologist, Egypt,  Captain Samey Abu Baker | diver, Egypt, Martine van Nispen | Brussels,  The wonderful Nooraya Crew, Egypt,  Fam. Akkerman | Akkrum,  Hans & Trixi Vriens | Austria,  Johannes Houtsma | Hallum,  Ayla Zierikzee| Leeuwarden,  The Class of Miss Zierikzee | Drachten, OSG Singelland VHS | Drachten,  Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen | Seal Rescue, the Netherlands,  UMCG | University Medical Centre Groningen,  RUG | Rijks Universiteit Groningen,  Prof. Albert ‘Skip’ Rizzo | University of Southern California,  Gerlinde Vervenne | Belgium,  Astrid Vereecken| Belgium,  Dr.Ursula Speck | Germany, Dr. Marina Hortling | Germany,  Delfine Valérie Francillon | Switserland,  Ute Lohmeyer | Germany,  Bernard Maarsingh | Leeuwarden,  Evert Jan Schouwstra | Leeuwarden,  Elske Sjollema | Hoorn,  David Kenbeek | Haarlem,  Johan Elberts | ‘s Heeren Loo, Apeldoorn,  Michael Hildering | Intern, Leeuwarden,  Daniel Brinkman| Vrendle, Leeuwarden,  Henk Smits | Rotterdam,  Francie& Leo van der Hurk | Paasloo,  Corrie Brada | Leeuwarden,  Yttje Brada | Leeuwarden,  Wouter Glaser | Glasnost, Amsterdam,  Matthijs PlijnaarE.E.N. European Enterprise Network,  Ann-Margret Johansson | Öland, Sweden,  Dr.Lotta Svedlund | Öland, Sweden,  Benjamin de Wit & the whole team of the VRDays Europe 2016, 2017 | Amsterdam,  Daan Kip| VRBase, Amsterdam,  Sander van Dijk | Pieterburen,  Robert Breton | Amsterdam,  Barry Curtis | Dana Point USA,  NOM | Groningen,  Julia van der Hoeven | UMCG Groningen,  Evelien Walstra | Leeuwarden,  Theis Madsen | Copenhagen,  Jenneke Kalkdijk | Leeuwarden,  Simon Huismans | Franeker,  Holly Ankjell | Oslo,  Drs. Rafael Redczus van Berkel | Hilversum,  Dana Maria Faneker | Den Haag,  Ecodrukkers | Amsterdam,  Paul Sharkey | Ireland,  Fam. de Cler | Berlin,  Anke de Jong | Wageningen,  Sea First | Den Bosch,  Pepijn Buitenhuis, composer | Groningen,  Rabobank | Leeuwarden -Groningen,  Hans Joosten | Voorburg,  KhoraVR | Copenhagen,  the VRCinema, Samhout | Amsterdam,  Terese Hagman| canoe & dinner supplier | Figeholm, Sweden,  Notariskantoor Ritico | Oldenzaal,  Kerstin Muller | canoe & dinner supplier, Pataholm, Sweden,  Jethro Hardeman | VRIdeathon, Utrecht,  Karin Bilo & the team of | WAP World Animal Protection, Den Haag,  Captain Alex Cornelissen & the team of Sea Shepherd | Amsterdam,  Edward Miller | London,  Geertje Geertsma | Groningen,  Nathalie Mannaerts | Den Haag,  Wings for Animals | Flight Personal dedicated to helping Animals Worldwide, the Netherlands,  Geke Westenberg | Galerie de Vis, Harlingen, Karen Soeters | Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation, House of Animals, Amsterdam,  Sandra de Jong | Bilthoven, Dr. Wendy Powell | reader in Virtual Reality- University of Portsmouth, UK,  Dr.Tom Garner | University of Portsmouth, UK,  The Vodafone Foundation | Amsterdam, Team bewegingsagogie | ‘s Heeren Loo, Apeldoorn,  Inger Sundbom | Öland,  Anne-Marie Dröes | Utrecht