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Wild Dolphin Virtual Reality
an evidence-based drug-free medicine

Hippocrates already pointed it out; 
The value of understanding the connectedness between the healing power of nature surrounding us and the healing power of the nature residing within us.

What can be more enchanting than being surrounded by a pod of wild dolphins?
Many people dream of swimming with wild dolphins. And not without good reason. Looking into the eye of a dolphin or a whale sparks our imagination, and brings us to wonder: who is observing whom? Somehow most of us can relate to this positive and magical bond between dolphins and people which is accounted for throughout thousands of years.

Our wild dolphin Virtual Reality experience transports the viewer to the dolphin’s serene underwater ocean world. Studies prove that this has a significant therapeutic effect. It adds joy and reduces pain and anxiety. The Dolphin Swim Club is delighted to bring this immersive healing experience as a Medical VR solution to patients worldwide. Today we are in use in more than 1.000 hospitals and healthcare institutions worldwide. Wild dolphin VR is a new and evidence-based drug-free medicine without side-effects for patients or dolphins. Lower doses of pharmaceuticals, not only means lower cost in healthcare but is beneficial for patients and the environment as well. Last but not least, the dolphins themselves get to be wild and free.

70 year old Norris is no stranger to pain. He’s got chronic pain through his spine, back and hips, from injuries that go back years.
Listen to his testimonial about swimming with wild dolphins in Virtual Reality, courtesy of the National Public Radio (NPR).

A patient using VR technology.

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Maybe virtual dolphins don't just help us escape reality.
They help us live in it.

Marijke Sjollema | Founder of the Dolphin Swim Club