Science has shown a keen interest in the therapeutic qualities of being close to dolphins. Dolphin-assisted therapy, as it is called, is very popular. From reducing stress to the capacity to heal to everything in between, such as that it has been used as a relaxation treatment for children with autism or Down Syndrome. The downside of the medal is life in captivity for the therapy dolphins. We aim to offer an alternative.

Our UnderwaterVR goggles transform ordinary pools into virtual open waters, allowing patients to have a full-body sensory experience. Submerged in warm water, the experience becomes more powerful and realistic than ever before. Patients will encounter and swim with hundreds of spinners and bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. UnderwaterVR dolphin therapy is fun, affordable and repeatable. And the dolphins get to stay wild and free.

We invite you to, instead of putting on your diving mask, gear up with our UnderwaterVR goggles. Be part of it and jump in!

What mystery is the sea,
whose stirrings speak of
a hidden soul beneath.

Moby Dick | Herman Melville