Meet Ian Graham

Ian Graham was born in 1954 to Scottish parents in the county of Devon, SW England. On completing his education in Edinburgh in 1972, he made his first visit to India. His main intention was to visit Kalimpong, a hill station on the borders of Sikkim and Bhutan where his grandfather had lived for 53 years. On that journey, he visited Sikkim for the first time.
Some months later he returned to Kalimpong to work for six months in the world famous children’s home, now known as Dr Graham’s Homes, that his grandfather had founded in 1900. He rounded off this sojourn with a visit to Bhutan. It was then still a closed land and no tourists were allowed to enter. This visit allowed him to forge his own links with this remarkable country whose history in the 20th century had been so bound up with that of his family.
Returning to London, which became his main base for the next 23 years, it took Ian a few years to find his career path. Actually, it found him when at the age of 29 his life was turned unexpectedly and shockingly upside down by the arrival in his life of a non-physical spiritual teacher called White Bull. Since then Ian’s life’s task has been to be White Bull’s ‘instrument’. It is a task that has brought Ian in touch with many remarkable people, visits to countries that he never expected to go to, and has most importantly been the peg upon which has hung his own personal spiritual development.
For some years Ian has combined his role as White Bull’s instrument with workshops and lectures. Their first book “ God Is Never Late (But Never Early Either)” was published in eight languages. Their latest book, “There Is Nothing Miraculous About A Miracle “ was published in Dutch in 2015. Other foreign editions are in the pipeline.
 In 2015 Ian formalized his new-found role as a tour organizer and guide with Tashiding Travel. He has already organized six trips to Egypt and two to Bhutan. These give him enormous pleasure and feelings of wonderment that Life has brought him into touch with such perfect colleagues in the countries we visit to enable the journeys to happen.