Medical VR @ home

We are proud to share that at this very moment 150 hospitals provide Dolphin VR therapy, helping all kinds of patients. Worldwide people swim with the dolphins reducing stresslevels before medical procedures, escape (hospital) reality while undergoing chemotherapy or dialysis or as a drugs-free medicine for pain relief. Scientific research shows it also helps people with anxiety disorders and psychiatric problems. Do you want to read more about Dolphin Medical VR? Please visit our case study page.

For those wanting to try Dolphin VR therapy @ home we’ve got some good news! You can easily try our 360VR experience.

This is how you try Dolphin VR therapy:

  • Find yourself a Cardboard
    You can get one from our shop, you’ll be supporting the Dolphin Swim Club project straight away!
  • Visit the Dolphin Swim Club YouTube channel with your smartphone.
  • Watch the 360Preview, a 2 minute VR experience.

Did you have a relaxing experience forgetting the real world for a little while? Did you get distracted by watching the dolphins play? Then maybe you would like to go all the way. Get in touch with Marijke Sjollema, founder of the Dolphin Swim Club, to get the full movie: 20 minutes of Dolphin VR Therapy.

We hope it will enlighten you, just as it enlightened many others before!