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HKU Awards 2018
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A little while ago, our intern Michael Hildering left the Dolphin Swim Club to graduate. He was very much involved with the research and development of our Wild Dolphin UnderwaterVR goggles. For his final exams, he wrote a detailed report about the process. These efforts did not go unnoticed as Michael was nominated for an HKU Award by his university, in the category Entrepreneurship.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear Michael has won the HKU Award! He has won a sum and associated medal.

Making new connections is my speciality. You could call me a Connector. I am passionate about designing new ideas and applying them by connecting different sectors. In doing so, I am constantly looking for disruptive innovation and how I can put that into context. My university encouraged me to develop these skills, which came in handy at the Dolphin Swim Club. My double internship at this organization helped me to experience how to connect the dots between Virtual Reality, healthcare, nature conservation, the cultural sector, the underwater world and 3D printing.

Well Done, Michael! We couldn’t be more proud.

HKU Awards 2018

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