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Het huis dat met je hersenen speelt
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Leeuwarden is not only the home base of the Dolphin Swim Club. In 2018, it was the Cultural Capital of Europe as well.
The event is an excellent opportunity for celebrating and highlighting local art. So naturally, when we were asked to participate in one of the first interactive expositions in the area of e-Mental Health and innovation, we couldn’t say no.

Het huis dat met je hersenen speelt

Het Huis dat met je hersenen speelt (the house that tricks your brain) is a collaboration between Jamzone and different parties from the North of the Netherlands. All professionals and pioneers in the area of healthcare, innovation and digital technologies. The house itself is an architectural masterpiece, where psychology, serious gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and design go hand in hand with healthcare. All innovations in the house are focussed on positive influence on the brain. 

Dolphins in Leeuwarden

 Hier een kleine omschrijving van de expositie van the Dolphin Swim Club.

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