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Sometimes life brings some good old magic!

These photos are taken over 25 years ago. As a young artist, just out of art school I started working on a ship to be able to travel the world gathering inspiration by experiencing it. One of the places I visited were the stunningly beautiful paradise like Islands of French Polynesia. A little seed of longing to one-day return was planted in me forever.

Yes, sometimes life does bring magic moments.

In the beginning of 2019 we received an award by the Human Underwater Society (HUS) for the innovation & development of our underwater VR goggles and the swimming with wild dolphins VR!
As the Human Underwater Society (HUS) is based in Tahiti, and our ticket sponsored by Air Tahiti Nui, I will return to Papeete coming weekend!

We are so much looking forward to meet the people behind the Underwater Society, and doing a community project with them with the waterproof VR goggles! As well as meet up with the local dolphins and other sea creatures of course.
What is very exiting is that in this period the humpback whales who have their feeding grounds around Antartica, will be in the warm coastal waters around the Islands for the females to give birth to their young, while the males are singing.

And of course we will look into the possibilities of filming in VR, so that you too can have the experience of looking into the eye of a baby whale and visit this paradise, truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I’ll keep you posted!

Marijke – Founder of the Dolphin Swim Club VR
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