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La Réalité Virtuelle au service des malades | TF1-The evening news France- 6.7 Million viewers watched the report about the Dolphin Swim Club

By 31 January 2018In the news

TF1- The evening news in France- On Jan.31st, 6.7 million viewers watched the report on the Dolphin Swim Club. We spend two lovely days filming with the crew of TF1. During the second day, we filmed the therapeutic use of the waterproof VR in the pool. We noticed that the cameraman, a very experienced underwater filmer, had a dolphin tattoo on his back. Now we knew for sure that the dolphins were in very good hands indeed! Thanks for the wonderful report Sylvain & Patrique.  Credits report;  S.Millanvoye, P.Marcellin, E.Duboscq. (language: French)