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M6 France | the Wild Dolphin Underwater VR at the 20th Laval Virtual

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Laval Virtual

The Dolphin Swim Club was invited to take part in the 20th Laval Virtual, one of the most important events in the world about virtual technologies and uses. Five days of great fun! The whole team assisted about 1,400 visitors to swim with the wild virtual dolphins. And about 600 visitors dared to go in the water and experience our Wild Dolphin Underwater VR. Again our dolphin friends managed to enchant many people of all ages. And as a dolphin joke, to finally have people swimming in tanks to meet them, while they themselves stay in their own home, the free oceans of the world.


In this week we got honored with the ACM SIGGRAPH Award as well. Above a report by the French M6 TV Channel. Below, you will find more enthusiastic stories by TV channels, newspapers, YouTubers and blogs.

La Réalité Virtuelle au service des malades | TF1-The evening news France

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TF1- The evening news in France

On January 31st 2017, 6.7 million viewers watched the report on the Dolphin Swim Club. We spent two lovely days filming with the crew of TF1. During the second day, we filmed the therapeutic use of the waterproof VR in the pool. We noticed that the camera man, a very experienced underwater filmer, had a dolphin tattoo on his back. Now we knew for sure that the dolphins were in very good hands indeed! A special thanks to Sylvain and Patrique for the wonderful report.
Credits report;  S.Millanvoye, P.Marcellin, E.Duboscq.
Language: French

Swimming with dolphins in virtual reality to aid disabled — AFP

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AFP – Swimming with wild dolphins is something most can only dream of, and jumping into pools with captive animals has become increasingly controversial with environmentalists condemning it as cruel. But a Dutch non-profit believes it has found a way to bring people, especially the disabled, closer to such a joyful experience through the technological, immersive advances offered by virtual reality (VR).

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Sarah swims with the Dolphin Swim Club VR

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Nice surprise! We found that the wild dolphins of the Dolphin Swim Club have found their way to meet Sarah. Luckily we came across her beautiful story on the internet. We are all touched by her encounter, enjoy.

The company Flix Films based in the UK were fortunate enough to meet Sarah Ezekiel through the MNDA, Sarah has lived with MND for over 16 years and has a form of MND that means she has minimal body movement. She communicates via ‘Tobii Eye Gaze’ technology and has used her illness to inspire and pioneer technology benefitting others with limited movement. Sarah was asked if there were any experiences she wished she’d had – her reply was ‘I always wanted to swim with dolphins’.

The Dolphin Swim Club: Diving with VR Goggles for charity — VR-Nerds

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VR-Nerds mentioned the Dolphin Swim Club as the highlight of the VR Days 2017 in Amsterdam. The team showed a converted container in the hall, which served as a swimming tank. There was also a dressing room, swimwear provided, and a VR experience to snorkel with wild dolphins. ‘Well, we quickly changed into our Baywatch costumes and entered the cool water’.
Language: German

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