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‘The magic of dolphins opens doors everywhere’ — by the NOMMER.

By 15 October 2017In the news

As published in the NOMMER by Dutch Investment & Development Agency NOM. The Dolphin Swim Club launched her newest gadget during the VR Days 2017 in Amsterdam: Waterproof VR, where virtual reality is applied in the swimming pool.

It’s so great,” says Marijke enthusiastically. If you’re in the water with the waterproof VR glasses , very naturally, one starts to follow the movement of the wild dolphins and swim along.

With this we offer worldwide a serious alternative to the so-called ‘dolphin assisted therapies’ involving dolphins in captivity. In addition, thanks to our new Wild Dolphins WaterproofVR, many more healthcare institutions can offer an unique form of aqua therapy.’ (language: Dutch, page 14/15)

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