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The magic of dolphins opens doors everywhere — The NOMMER.

By October 15, 2017February 6th, 2019In the news
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As published in the NOMMER by Dutch Investment & Development Agency NOM. The Dolphin Swim Club launched her newest gadget during the VR Days 2017 in Amsterdam: WaterproofVR, where virtual reality is applied in the swimming pool. “It’s so great,” Marijke says enthusiastically. “If you’re in the water with the waterproof VR glasses, very naturally, one starts to follow the movement of the wild dolphins and swim along.”
With this we offer worldwide a serious alternative to the so-called ‘dolphin assisted therapies’ involving dolphins in captivity. In addition, thanks to our new Wild Dolphins WaterproofVR, many more healthcare institutions can offer an unique form of aqua therapy.’
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