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She had to swim with the dolphins – Barometern

By September 22, 2015March 18th, 2022In the news
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Man staat op de boeg van een schip en kijkt in zijn virtual reality brilOne of Marijke’s greatest interests is to travel the world and swim with dolphins. On Monday she did just that at the docks in Pataholm (Sweden). Marijke’s voice cannot hide the joy when she tells about Monday’s event.“We’re still a little shocked. It was almost a little magical feeling”, she says. It was last week that she first found out that dolphins were seen outside Pataholm. She and her husband hurried there to take several nice pictures of the carefree dolphins. On Monday, she found out that the dolphins were seen at Pataholm again. “The weather was clear and fine and the dolphins came in the giant jetty. I took the opportunity and jumped into the water”, says Marijke Sjollema.“I think I was with them for an hour. They swam around and I heard their click sound in the water when they communicated.”

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