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The Dolphin Swim Club live at Bynt – Omrop Fryslân

By May 9, 2016 March 13th, 2019 In the news
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Marijke, our founder, was invited to speak about the Dolphin Swim Club at Bynt, a programme by Omrop Fryslân. Bynt offers interesting reports and events on current topics and encourages guests to tell their stories.

Therapeutic swimming with dolphins is now possible from the comfort of your living room. Artist Marijke Sjollema and her husband introduce ‘occulus glasses’ that allow you to swim with dolphins, in Virtual Reality. And today this was put into practice for the first time.

In this film you see bottlenose and spinner dolphins, filmed in the bright blue waters of the Red Sea. We were lucky so many pods showed up, there were times we were surrounded by no less than 90 dolphins! Research has shown that dolphin therapy may have healing effects, but this is usually carried out with captive dolphins. With our 360-degrees film, we hope to offer a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative.”

The interview with Marijke starts at 16:45 minutes.
Language: Frysian

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