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The future of Virtual Reality — Associated Press

By November 1, 2017February 6th, 2019In the news
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Associated Press released a video report about the VR Days Europe 2017 in Amsterdam. The opening shot? The showtank of the Dolphin Swim Club, where we let visitors swim with wild dolphins using our Waterproof VR goggles. “It was like being submersed in dolphins surroundings. You know its not real, but because of the colour of the film, and the colour of the water you are swimming in, it feels like you are really there.”

 A short interview with Marijke Sjollema and a ‘test pilot swimmer’ starts at 0:42. “It is such a great experience and we wanted everyone in the world to be able to experience this. Especially people that cannot go into the ocean. For example because they are hospitalised or handicapped. There are therapies with dolphins in captivity. We wanted to make a great alternative, so dolphins can stay in their own homes,the free oceans.”
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