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She swam with the dolphins – SVT

By September 22, 2015April 15th, 2022In the news
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Marijke Sjollema was interview by SVT SwedenThe Dolphin Swim Club was mentioned in the Swedish news (SVT). The two male bottlenose dolphins who miraculously appeared in Pataholm off the Swedish coast attracted hundreds of curious people on Tuesday, but few have come as close to them as Marijke Sjollema, founder of the Dolphin Swim Club. Marijke took a swim with the dolphins outside Pataholm in Mönsterås municipality, Sweden. “I have been swimming with wild dolphins around the world but I never thought I could do it at home in the Baltic,” says Marijke.” The only cetaceans that are local to the Baltic Sea are porpoises, and even they are very rare. Besides that, I have spent the summer preparing my art project aiming to film wild dolphins in virtual reality. On the exact date that I pushed the start button for crowdfunding, the two bottlenose dolphins showed up in front of my house…Remarkable, We took it as a sign.”
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