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Podcast with Benno — Medium

By October 25, 2017February 6th, 2019In the news
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Benno Brada, producer of the Dolphin Swim ClubMedium recorded a podcast with Benno for the VR Days Europe 2017. We invite you to, instead of putting on your diving mask, gear up with waterproof VR goggles and lower yourself in the water. Then you are close to becoming a ‘member’ of the Dolphin Swim Club. We are here to help multiple disabled patients and at the same time aiming to prevent as much suffering of dolphins and orcas as possible. Which is badly needed, because capturing dolphins for entertainment and therapy is quite a large industry worldwide. Part of that sad fact is that dolphins in captivity on average will only reach the age of about 15, instead of the 45 to 60 years dolphins will become when swimming around in freedom. Be part of it and jump in.

Listen to the Podcast

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