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‘S Heerenloo

By June 19, 2019Research
'S Heeren Loo
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Research question: XXXX
Institute: ‘S Heeren Loo
Start of the research: 2018
Current status: Publication Pending

's Heeren Loo

Image: ‘S Heeren Loo

Early 2019 the latest study with 50 patients shows a very positive outcome of treatment by Virtual Reality compared by regular, validated relaxation exercises. The outcome of this study will be published later in 2019.

‘s Heeren Loo, a Dutch mental health institution, dedicated to the lifelong support of over 10,000 clients with a mental disorder conducted a study with mild mentally disabled patients, suffering from severe stress complaints. Although the number of patients was rather small (below 15) the outcome was beyond expectations, showing that in 82% of the cases there was a significant improvement in relaxation and well-being realized. The individual stories of some of the participants were overwhelming, and an extra motivation for both the crew of the Dolphin Swim Club and the medical staff of ‘s Heeren Loo to intensify the collaboration by installing a dolphin-room at the premises, as well as providing the Wild Dolphin UnderwaterVR in various aqua therapies.

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