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Sparky Thoughts | The medical benefits of virtual animals | by ZoominTV

By March 29, 2018March 18th, 2022In the news
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Often for an individual with a mental or physical disability, exercise is a challenging topic. But, swimming is not only fun and rewarding, but a great way to keep fit and healthy despite challenges you would normally find with outdoor exercise, or in a gym environment. The wonderful thing about swimming is that in many cases, mobility issues as a result of a disability are often hugely reduced, sometimes almost completely eradicated. The increased freedom of movement is a fantastic experience for anyone who struggles with mobility on solid ground.

Zwemclub Plons is a swimming pool in Brabant (the Netherlands) for people with a disability. The Dolphin Swim Club went for a visit. After we spent a happy, splashy evening in the pool with the swimmers and volunteers of Zwemclub Plons, the team of ZoominTV made this wonderful report: The medical benefits of virtual animals.
Language: Dutch | Subtitles: English

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