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October 2018


Lysanne joins our team as Communications Officer

By News
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The magic of our dolphins is touching people all over the globe. We are currently present in over 500 hospitals worldwide. Of course, that is great news, but it also means a lot of hard work. That is why we are so pleased Lysanne is joining our team as Communications Officer.

‘As a young girl I was quite obsessed with dolphins. From jewellery and pillows to diaries and stuffed animals, my world revolved around these fantastic animals. Growing up, I forgot about the magic of dolphins. But some years ago on a trip to the Maldives I swam with them in the wild, rekindling my passion. I started volunteering at an NGO and spent my weekends teaching children about dolphins in captivity versus dolphins in the wild. And that is where I met Benno, who asked me if I wanted to join the team. I am excited to help the Dolphin Swim Club take their communications to the next level and bring you more stories about what is happening within the organisation.’