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June 2016

Dolphin Selfi

Update 7 | A wonderful meet-up in Denmark

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Ever since we started, with the Dolphin Swim Club VR experience, on behalf, or perhaps even requested by the dolphins, our lives have been filled with adventures and sea creatures of all kinds. As well as people with a big heart for the sea, or even simply a heart as big as the ocean.


Friday afternoon, June 10th, spend in the studio of Jewelbox with owner Pepijn Buitenhuis, working on the last bits of the sound design, with only the natural recorded cetacean voices for the 15-minute healing VR version. So now the dolphins are ready to swim into people’s lives and do their thing!

And they are. The medical research on the healing effects of wild dolphins, done by UMCG (Groningen University) has started, as well as they are joining the VR programs in several hospitals and healthcare facilities around Europe and USA. (Cancer Society Oslo, Norway, ‘sHeeren Loo, the Netherlands, UMCG Groningen, the Netherlands, University of Southern California, USA) just to name a few.

Friday evening, after a lovely dinner with Michelle Broens, owner of Praktijk Broens who also started working with the dolphins with her patients, and is planning a program for refugees with us. We set of for a 500 km drive into Denmark, to look for our ‘Ambassador’ dolphins Selfi & Delfi. You can find the the whole magical story about them on our previous posts. The next morning we set out to search for our friends, and found them! Under a bridge like clochards in Nyborg, Denmark. Such a happy reunion it was.We even met up with our friends Ann-Sofi and Clifford whom we met last autumn when Selfi & Delfi were visiting the Kalmarsund…

11 juni 2016 Selfi&Delfi Nyborg - 8 van 21DSC_107211 juni 2016 Selfi&Delfi Nyborg
11 juni 2016 Selfi&Delfi Nyborg - 12 van 21DSC_1053DSC_1051

Safe travels my dear friends.

Save travels to all sentient beings out there in the waters and on the land.

‘the Reunion’  Meet Selfi & Delfi in their underwater home.