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April 2018

M6 France | the Wild Dolphin Underwater VR at the 20th Laval Virtual

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The Dolphin Swim Club was invited to take part in the 20th Laval Virtual, one of the most important events in the world about virtual technologies and uses. Five days of great fun! The whole team assisted about 1,400 visitors to swim with the wild virtual dolphins. And about 600 visitors dared to go in the water and experience our Wild Dolphin Underwater VR. Again our dolphin friends managed to enchant many people of all ages. And as a dolphin joke, to finally have people swimming in tanks to meet them, while they themselves stay in their own home, the free oceans of the world.

During the Laval Virtual event, we also received an ACM SIGGRAPH Award. Needless to say, we are super proud of this achievement!

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Above you can watch a report by the French M6 TV Channel. But we received more attention, for example from the Dutch Embassy, Le Courrier de la Mayenne, 20 Minutes, Corps en Immersion, J’ai Un Pote Dans La, LCI, Les NumeriquesInfoglitz and Muséographes. Below, you will find more enthousiastic stories by TV channels, YouTubers and bloggers.

Siggraph Award

the Dolphin Swim Club wins ACM SIGGRAPH Award for Innovation at Laval Virtual

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ACM SIGGRAPH presents awards to recognize exceptional achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques.
In April 2018, we visited Laval Virtual in France. This is an important exhibition and conference on Virtual Reality and immersive techniques.
You can imagine our shock and excitement when we won an ACM SIGGRAPH Award for Innovation with our Wild Dolphin Waterproof VR!
Of course, this is a huge acknowledgement to the efforts of the team (including the dolphins), and we could not be more proud!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team behind the project of the Dolphin Swim Club.
Naturally, we celebrated with the whole team. On to new adventures!

Siggraph Award