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October 2015

Benno at Bynt – Omrop Fryslân

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The Dolphin Swim Club was invited in the studio of Bynt, a programme of Omrop Fryslân. Creative producer Benno Brada explains about the unique experience that is swimming with wild dolphins.

“You notice their intelligence. They scan you, they look at you. You see their tight family connection. Mother dolphins will show you their babies, and the baby won’t hide. You feel so welcome and integrated. It is an amazing experience. Everyone should experience this.”

After a succesful crowdfunding event, Benno explains about the Dolphin Swim Club’s upcoming plans to film dolphins in the Red Sea. This has never been filmed before in 360-degrees.

“We live on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Sweden. There are no dolphins in that sea. We started a crowdfund project on Kickstarter, and the next day we received the message that two bottlenose dolphins were spotted right outside our house. So ofcourse we practised what we preached and went swimming with them. That is the magic of dolphins.”

Language: Frysian and Dutch

Marijke Sjollema live in Stockholm – TV4

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the Dolphin Swim Club live at TV4

Founder and creative director of the Dolphin Swim Club – Marijke Sjollema – was live at TV4 in Sweden. At the same day as the launch of our first Virtual Reality project, two bottlenose dolphins appeared more or less in front of the headquarters of the Dolphin Swim Club in Sweden. Marijke had the chance to swim with them for over two hours, most probably being the first person ever to swim with wild dolphins in the Baltic Sea.

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Dolphins in the Baltic

The magic goes on

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The magic goes on…..

I don’t know where to start really…..
The two bottlenose dolphins that showed up in front of the ‘headquarters’ of the Dolphin Swim Club, on the launching day of the project here on the other side of the Kalmarsund in Sweden, became national news!

On the evening of Monday the 21st of September, in the pouring rain, but with a calm sea, I went in to swim with them! When I looked up after spending almost two hours in the water, I saw a stunning rainbow over the island of Öland, where we live. Swimming with dolphins, in the Baltic Sea? Where they are not native, it is truly a miracle, and I feel so blessed to have once more enjoyed their company. That is why we started this project, to share this experience, just to have a taste through Virtual Reality.

Here in Sweden, everybody is pretty excited about it. More and more people are gathering in the harbour to catch a glimpse. It is an absolute joy to watch how the dolphins enchant everybody!

Since it is probably the first time anyone has been swimming amongst dolphins in the Baltic Sea, we have been interviewed for Swedish television, radio and newspapers.

It is all in Swedish, but just to share a bit about all the truly magic events here…

The magic goes on