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February 2019

How Virtual Reality Can Help Treat Chronic Pain – U.S. News

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A patient using VR technology.

Initially, Elliott says, she was skeptical about its utility, but she quickly became a believer. She recalls a 9-year-old boy who came into the emergency department suffering from a broken arm after falling off a set of monkey bars. The child was tearing up and trying hard not to cry in front of his father. The boy was provided a VR headset with a relaxation program that showed dolphins swimming underwater. “He was so focused on the visualization we were able to put him in a splint in no time,” Elliott says. “He kept saying, ‘I see the dolphins.’ He got through it without crying.
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Medical VR

Belgian tv-programme Tout s’explique airs feature on the Dolphin Swim Club

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In January 2019, the Belgian tv-programma Tout s’explique aired a feature on the Dolphin Swim Club. This 25-minute show tries to explain different topics (such as news, science, politics, religion etc.) in a simple and approachable manner.

Dolphin birthday party

In this report, the host of the show Thomas van Hamme went swimming with our wild virtual dolphins, in real water. We also visited an operating theatre in the Clinique Saint Jean (Brussels), where anaesthetist Arnaud Bosteels produces great results in reducing anxiety in young patients, using our Wild Dolphin VR. Before undergoing surgery, young children often experience anxiety. Dr. Bosteels aims to calm them by inviting them to the dolphin birthday party before introducing the VR goggles.