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November 2015

The dolphins are coming – Leeuwarder Courant

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Marijke in the Leeuwarder Courant

Ever since encountering wild dolphins for the first time, it was Marijke’s dream to bring the magic of dolphins closer to the people. When she discovered Virtual Reality, she thought this is the perfect way. She founded the Dolphin Swim Club in 2015.  ‘Dolphins are magical. They bring us great wisdom and joy. Just look at the effect they have on people. They make everybody happy. No other animal touches us the way dolphins can.’

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Update 3 | The Dolphin Swim Club goes on!…On our way to more miracles?

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We have some bad news and a lot of good news.

To start with the bad news: we didn’t reach the amount of funding we had hoped for on the site for crowd funding we started a presentation on. However almost all backers from the campaign have continued their support. So that brings us to the good news;

The Dolphin Swim Club goes on! All wondrous events following the inspiration to make a VR production about swimming amongst dolphins convinced us to just go ahead!

And more good news: The two bottlenose dolphins that so magically appeared at the day of the launch of the Dolphin Swim Club at the front of the ‘headquarters’ in the Baltic Sea, are alive and doing well. They are slowly moving, visiting different bays and harbours, still delighting people everywhere with their presence. They now have their own Facebook Page: Kalmarsunds delfiner where you can find out about their whereabouts, and people post their wonderful pictures and films, experiences and questions, as well as some discussions about the best way to interact with them. As of course, dolphins are not native to the Baltic Sea, so it’s new to everyone.

the Dolphin Swim Club

Sundown in Figeholm, Sweden. Two bottlenose dolphin explorers wander into the Baltic Sea, bringing delight to everyone they meet! True ambassadors, cutting a trail where no whale has gone before…

For the team of the Dolphins Swim Club there was a moment of a rather difficult choice. We found ourselves in the middle of this miracle. Every day could be the last one to see them, when they would decide to turn south back to the North Sea. Time spent playing with the dolphins, is always the best. That’s why we love to make the VR-films in the first place, to share the magic. And the dolphins gave us a beautiful wise advice: life is happening here and now!

the Dolphin Swim Club

the Dolphin Swim Club gets splashed!

So instead of managing the crowd funding project from behind a desk we were out playing with the dolphins! Such an adventure! In the process we’ve been meeting wonderful people as well. We’ve been out paddling canoes with strangers, we’ve been dining and sleeping in the house of strangers and we’ve been handed coffee, homemade cookies and apple-pie by strangers. We had very special and wonderful conversations with such interesting and talented people, and many strangers soon became new friends.

Marijke Sjollema ballet in Figeholm

ballet in Figeholm, Sweden

All of us so fully aware of this magical times that the two dolphins brought upon us.

This sense of urgency to fully live life. Like flying out to Stockholm in the evening to be in a morning talk show for national television. Getting up at 4.30, being interviewed about swimming with them, then to take the first flight back to rush to the bay for another paddling tour. Just for the chance to float in the sea, in the dark, listening to the wonderful puffing sounds of the dolphins breathing and swimming nearby. To see a shimmer of a fin, lighten up in a moonbeam.

Marijke Sjollema swimming with Selfi and Delfi in Pataholm, Sweden on the 21th of september 2015.

Selfi and Delfi and Marijke Sjollema in Pataholm, Sweden on the 21th of september 2015.

By swimming as the first person (Marijke) ever with dolphins in the Baltic (probably), and by making under water footage used by Swedish Television (Benno), we managed to get a chance to talk about the Dolphin Swim Club in both Sweden and the Netherlands. This proved to be helpful in order to find a bit of additional funding for our dream, beside the crowd funding project. Other dolphin-lovers offered to donate their time and skills in order to realize the Dolphin Swim Club movies. This is really helpful in order to lower the production costs a bit as well.

The final realization of such a complex production, remains however a costly business and we still haven’t our total funding together. Nevertheless we did decide to take a leap of faith and to go ahead.

the Dolphin swim Club

DSC_0575 (1) Dolphinmagic in Pataholm,Sweden


Imagine you are a child and live in a little coastal village in Sweden. One wondrous day two bottlenose dolphins visit your harbour and give this splashing show. The faces of these children, and adults alike actually, they inspired us so much. Thinking about meeting the gaze of the dolphins under water earlier that day, I made a silent promise to all.


Pataholm, Sweden




one of the dolphins meets a dog

one of the dolphins meets a dog


When dolphins can travel thousands of miles into unknown waters to show up for the opening of the Dolphin Swim Club, we ourselves must certainly cover the whole distance.

How cool would it be to have this experience of dolphin magic available right in your smartphone or computer? Go swimming with the dolphins wherever you are.

In the meantime we have interviewed specialists about using our footage for research in the treatment of patients. In the fields of autism, depression, childbirth, and also post-traumatic stress disorder. The reactions are very positive, so there is a good chance that the dolphin-magic may also work in these directions. And it is also in this area that we have found additional funding.

On www.thedolphinswimclub.com we have just opened up a web-shop where you may pre-order, and find the same products as presented on the crowd funding site. The date of delivery will still be around the end of the year.

spinnerdolfijnen in Rode Zee

Our dear friends, and movie stars*


We have booked a boat for the beginning of December (6/13) to make the footage. The owners of the boat have supported the project as well with a generous offer and we will be 7 days at a unique location to capture the life and joy of wild and free dolphins. Due to their gift we have now 4 extra places on board available, in two duo shared cabins. Is swimming with dolphins your dream? Now there is a special opportunity! We invite you to share this unique experience of swimming with spinner and sometimes bottlenose-dolphins in the clear aqua-blue tropical waters of the Red Sea. As well as sea turtle’s, all kinds of colorful fish and amazing coral reefs. Apart from the film crew there will be a snorkeling/diving guide and a marine biologist on board. And not all that unimportant a great chef who will cook all our meals! There are several decks on board, so there is always space available to sit and relax after spending hours with the dolphins, or take a mid-day rest.

A apart from that you will probably have the greatest time ever, you will also help us to realize the footage for the Dolphin swim Club.

We are so much looking forward to start to next chapter of this project, which has been so full of magic so far.

Thanks everyone so far for all your support! I leave here with this very warm feeling of gratitude.

Marijke Sjollema