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‘Wild Dolphin therapy with VR-goggles helps patients worldwide’ — AD | Dutch Newspaper.

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Dolphin therapy is a long-cherished dream for many people with disabilities. The costs and challenges of traveling may make this impossible. A Dutch couple, Marijke and Benno, can change all that. How? With Waterproof VR goggles, their own wild dolphin 360°VR content and a snorkel.  (language: Dutch)

Film: AD’s reporter Renske Baars (real) swimming with (virtual) dolphins.

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‘The magic of dolphins opens doors everywhere’ — by the NOMMER.

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As published in the NOMMER by Dutch Investment & Development Agency NOM. The Dolphin Swim Club launched her newest gadget during the VR Days 2017 in Amsterdam: Waterproof VR, where virtual reality is applied in the swimming pool.

It’s so great,” says Marijke enthusiastically. If you’re in the water with the waterproof VR glasses , very naturally, one starts to follow the movement of the wild dolphins and swim along.

With this we offer worldwide a serious alternative to the so-called ‘dolphin assisted therapies’ involving dolphins in captivity. In addition, thanks to our new Wild Dolphins WaterproofVR, many more healthcare institutions can offer an unique form of aqua therapy.’ (language: Dutch, page 14/15)

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’Opioids haven’t solved chronic pain. Maybe virtual reality can’, by WIRED, a monthly tech magazine (USA).

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The Mind can play tricks on your body. Luckily, VR can play tricks right back. This article on the Wired platform explains this new approach of treating patients with chronic pain trough virtual reality. In a recent trial at the hospital Cedars-Sinai, Brennan M. Spiegel, MD gave his patients more than just the regular treatment. They could choose a variety of VR experiences, including the-swimming-with-the-wild-dolphins- content, by the Dolphin Swim Club.

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patient watches wild dolphins in virtual reality during medical procedure

‘Medical VR and virtually swimming with Wild Dolphins’ — The Wall Street Journal

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We are delighted to share this article published in the Wall Street Journal on the exciting possibilities of Virtual Reality within healthcare. And of course we’re proud that the VR experience of the Dolphin Swim Club is featured With a short VRdemo online all readers get to meet the wild dolphins! As well as a video of a young patient experiencing dolphin magic to help ease the pain.

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Featured in the NRC, a leading Dutch newspaper: Swimming with dolphins in the hospital to relieve pain

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VR nowadays gets used more often for medical purposes. An example of one of these uses is to relieve pain. Due to the immersive power of virtual reality, patients may experience less pain. This may cause less use of medication and thus improve patient well-being. And of course, a drug-free medicine has no environmental impact! Which is great news for our Wild Dolphin friends. We are excited that NRC once again mentioned us in this article about the use of VR in the medical world.

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